LOC & LOL – No Need To Call The Police

Number Of Days Until Show #4 (Friday The 10th Of March 2017)

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Loc Tran is a bit of a nerd and technically also a refugee (born in Vietnam and came to Australia on a boat). He has a self-deprecating, silly but likable sense of humour often referencing popular music and culture. His show is pack full of short jokes, humorous stories and song parodies written for an audience that just wants to have a bit of fun.

You'll love this show if you...

  • enjoy song parodies.
  • freak out over puns and dad jokes.
  • often use self deprecating humour.
  • understand popular culture such as DC, Marvel and Pokemon.
  • regularly talk about sex and relationships.
  • appreciate other cultures.
  • consider yourself to be a bit of a geek / nerd.
  • get high on humorous short stories and personal anecdotes.

You'll hate this show if you...

  • are really into sport and like humour about football and cricket.
  • have a desire to see more comedy based on business, politics and religion.
  • prefer comedians who are very in your face and like to use a lot of offensive language.

Baz McCulloch (Scotsman in Adelaide) will also be appearing as the opening act (24 Feb, 3 Mar, 10 Mar and 17 Mar).

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