Talk Fringe With Loc Tran Part 2: Musical Of Thrones; Fafi D’Alour; and Maestro Impro Games

Some random reviews by a random guy who really knows nothing about writing reviews but still loves supporting emerging artists.

My belief is that there is a show for everyone and my goal isn't to rate shows from between one to five stars but instead to figure what audience the show is for so you can figure out for yourself if it's the right show for you.

In Part 2 of Talk Fringe with Loc Tran I take a look at:

Musical Of Thrones: A Comedy Of Ice And Fire presented by Moonboy

Musical of Thrones tells the story of a family torn apart by war, betrayal and the boneheaded political savvy of its well-meaning patriarch, Ned. We meet the Starks at Winterfell, a quaint but shitty little village that they happily call home. But everything goes out the window when King Robert comes to town, including the youngest Stark, Bran, who spends half the show in a coma.

And so our story begins! The Starks are splattered across Westeros as Ned stumbles his way through the political minefield of King’s Landing, his bastard son Jon goes to The Wall, while Catelyn remains with the comatose Bran at Winterfell.

Childhood trauma? Broken families? Grieving mothers-turned-grieving-widows?

Classic comedy.

Written by Daniel Cullen, Musical of Thrones is a laugh-out-loud parody of HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones, cranking silliness and pastiche to the max.

"It’s ridiculous, awesome, funny and clever; everything you ever wanted in an indie musical." The Buzz from Sydney.

Talk Fringe Review By Loc Tran

Just imagine Game Of Thrones but with less violence and more singing and dancing!

Loved the comical take on each of the characters although it’s difficult to make Tyrion funnier than what he already is in the TV series.

The song and dance routines were great although the rap battle was a bit difficult to understand and was not as effective as it could have been.

The ending was a little bit fuzzy, would have been good to have some sort of conclusion or even a hint at a sequel but overall lots of fun and a very enjoyable experience.

A great production perfect for anyone who loves Game Of Thrones and appreciates musical comedy.

Source: Talk Fringe.

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Where? Theatre One at The Parks Theatres 46 Cowan Street Angle Park SA 5010.

When? Season has ended.

Fafi D'Alour & The Delinquents presented by Fiona Smith

You're invited to escape into the wonderful world of Fafi D'Alour and The Delinquents, an evening of exquisite performance and sensual titillation; enacted by a most sultry temptress. A wild emporium of exceptional vocals and breathtaking movement, sure to set your senses ablaze! Become enrapt with the delinquents as they hold your attention and your breath. You won't believe your eyes, to wonderment that lies behind the shimmer and lights; with crystals and feathers, glitter and pearls, you'll be dazzled with glamour and transferred into another world. Join them in a firework of femininity and bedazzlement as they define the dreamscape of your utmost desires.

Talk Fringe Review By Loc Tran

I’m very impressed with how much they have improved over the past 12 months.

The routines are a lot sharper and the transitions between scenes are a lot smoother.

They’ve all upgraded their skills with new routines and tricks to share.

A great night out for anyone who enjoys live music, dance, cabaret and burlesque.

Source: Talk Fringe.

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Where? Lion Arts Centre, Corner North Terrace & Morphett Street Adelaide SA 5000.

When? Season has ended.

2nd National Maestro Imrpo Games presented by Scriptease

May impro be ever in your favour! Each district in Australia sends two of its best improvisers to Adelaide to compete in the National Maestro Impro Games. The players compete against each other in a range of family-friendly improvised challenges set by their directors until only one remained and crowned the victor.

Performed in the Maestro format, this show was made up of 'Whose Line is it Anyway?" style challenges that push their players to the limits.

★★★★1/2 "An evening of riotous laughs, all without a script" Kryztoff RAW.

Talk Fringe Review By Loc Tran

A pleasant surprise, this show was actually a lot of fun to watch.

Contestants are assigned a series of challenges that allow them to demonstrate their improv skills including a rhyme battle, a singing challenge and story telling with a twist.

I think the quality of the contestants was what really made this show stand out – everyone was happy, energised and eager to contribute to the show.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in improv, comedy or theatre and want to get an idea of some of the methods used to create a great scene.

Source: Talk Fringe.

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Where? Gil Langley Room at LIVE on 5, Adelaide Oval War Memorial Drive North Adelaide SA 5006.

When? Season has ended.

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