Talk Fringe With Loc Tran Part 1: Naughty Hands; Tumbleweedesque; and Games People Play

Some random reviews by a random guy who really knows nothing about writing reviews but still loves supporting emerging artists.

My belief is that there is a show for everyone and my goal isn't to rate shows from between one to five stars but instead to figure what audience the show is for so you can figure out for yourself if it's the right show for you.

In Part 1 of Talk Fringe with Loc Tran I take a look at:

Naughty Hands: Signs Of Love, Lust And Insults presented by Sign Language Australia

They say actions speak louder than words, so let them welcome you into the visual world of Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Join them for an hour of laughter led by infamous Auslan teacher and Deaf community legend, Barry Priori.

Skip to everyone's favourite part of learning a new language and immerse yourself in the taboo vocabulary you won't find in the dictionary. Maybe you want to swear at your boss, tell that person in the next lane exactly what you think of their driving or ask that sexy Deaf person out on a hot date. The options are endless!

Be entertained by Barry's larger than life personality while he teaches you how to swear, dis your mates with the perfect insult, show your lust and express love using Auslan. No experience necessary, just shake out those hands and give it a go. All of Barry's signs will be interpreted into spoken English to add to your experience.

Talk Fringe Review By Loc Tran

Statistics suggest that 93% of interpersonal communication is non-verbal with 55% being body language and 38% being tone of voice so it’s no surprise to see a show like this doing so well.

In this show Barry Priori shares with us some of his favourite taboo and naughty words and shows us how to apply them in AusLan which is short for Australian Sign Language.

It’s an interactive show so be prepared to participate and learn how to sign these naughty words.

You’ll love this show if you are a member of the deaf / hearing impaired community but you’ll also enjoy it if you’re the kind of person who appreciates the subtleties of body language and interpersonal communication or if like me, you have no swag but might be interested in getting some.

Source: Talk Fringe.

Show Info

Where? Minnesota Fats, 192 Pirie Street Adelaide SA 5000.

When? Various dates and times between Friday the 3rd of March and Saturday the 18th of March 2017.

Tickets on sale now via FringeTIX...

Tumbleweedesque presented by Arielle Conversi

Arielle has finally gotten her life in order. After years of being a broke backpacker with a fear of commitment, she’s got a loving partner, a nice apartment, a stable career and two cats. But happiness is so passé.

In her debut solo show, Arielle Conversi brings a hilarious mix of true stories about how quickly life can change and how getting it together isn’t always all its cracked up to be.

"Boisterous enthusiasm...Quite enjoyable" Squirrel Comedy.

Talk Fringe Review By Loc Tran

Arielle’s solo show is all about her travels as an emerging stand up comic, the weird places she’s been and the strange people that she has met.

She gives us a bit of a glimpse into some of the cities around the world that she has visited, including Melbourne, Florida and San Francisco.

I love her enthusiasm, quirky expressions and colourful body language – she tells you the stuff that you wouldn’t ever read about in the brochure.

This show is great for anyone who loves traveling and wants to get the insider’s perspective or anyone who enjoys a good story about what it’s like to be a globe trotting Fringe artist.

Source: Talk Fringe.

Show Info

Where? Basement 15-17 Featherstone Place Adelaide SA 5000.

When? 5.30pm Wednesday the 1st March through to Saturday the 4th of March 2017.

Tickets on sale now via FringeTIX...

Games People Play presented by Mark Metaphor

What can James Bond’s casino strategies teach us about maths & psychology? What matters more, skill or strategy? Who would win in a fight between Muhammad Ali & ROCKY? How can a beaten brain outwit brawn? A mathematical multimedia lecture cracking the human Game Theory codes behind the best sporting moments of our species & cinema's greatest games.

A semi-sequel companion piece to last year's GUNSLINGING GAME THEORY, which studied the psychology & mathematics behind the Mexican standoffs of Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns. Even if you've never heard of statistical Game Theory or Behavioural Economics, bring your human-all-too-human curiosity about our so-called 'human nature' as we ask what cards, chess, football, basketball, boxing, baseball, billiards & dice can teach us about the games we play with each other, and ourselves, every single day.

RAW Comedy State Finalist 2015.

Check out for last year's GUNSLINGING GAME THEORY videos, upcoming card games & more.

Talk Fringe Review By Loc Tran

Mark Metaphor is the maths teacher that I wish I had back when I was in high school!

His show “Games People Play” is basically a lesson in how mathematics and game theory is applied in popular culture with footage from various movies running in the background.

He covers a wide variety of games including Poker, Chess and Baseball and gives us a look “under the hood” at the mechanics of how each game was developed with references to history and cinema.

The show is free and suitable for anyone who is a bit of a nerd, loves mathematics, game theory, sports theory or even history.

Source: Talk Fringe.

Show Info

Where? The Nook at The Producers 235 Grenfell Street Adelaide SA 5000.

When? 6.00pm Saturday March 4th and Sunday March 5th 2017.

Tickets? It's a free show, no tickets required.

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